John Anthony - Master Jeweler

I am proud of my Italian heritage, and truly believe that it helps me to project emotion in a tangible form. Art, and later design, featured prominently in my life since my youth. My talents and abilities continued to develop with each passing year, and at the age of fifteen, I was offered a full scholarship to art school. Sadly, family obligations and issues prevented my acceptance, but did nothing to diminish my love for the field. It is this same passion for beauty, balance, and symmetry which enables me to create inimitable pieces for each individual customer.

A goldsmith jewelry designer for 40 years, I have mentored a handful of people who have gone on to be great jewelry designers all over the world. I’m proud that my work has been featured in some of the nation’s top retailers, including, but not limited to, Macy’s (formerly Jordan Marsh), Filene’s, Nieman Marcus, Sacks Fifth Ave, Service Merchandise, and Town and Country.

At the height of my designing career, I had twelve people working for me in house, but soon felt called to pursue a different direction. So approximately eighteen years ago, I opened a small kiosk, named Jewelry Express, aimed at serving the public. While I still have my private clients for whom I design custom orders, Jewelry Express allows me to interact face to face with shoppers looking for quality pieces at affordable prices, thereby keeping my business on a more personal level.

John Anthony Designs